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LAHS Pumpkin Patch!

Sent: Thu Oct 8, 2020 • 10:30 PM PDT
From: Valerie Cairns via athletic-boosters
LAHS Pumpkin Patch!
You have hopefully received the note below from your coach and/or team parent. Each athlete or parent who participates can earn hours towards a bonus for their team. Thank you for your support!


Greetings Coaches, Parents, and Athletes,


After taking a year off due to construction and our pumpkin vendor, we are bringing back the pumpkin patch!  The pumpkin patch, along with the Christmas tree lot, raises an estimated $40,000 each year and that benefits all of our athletes.  The pumpkin patch will be located in the back of the student parking lot near the track.


We need your help to make the Pumpkin Patch a success!  Please forward this email, with the sign up link below to all the parents and athletes affiliated with your team.

The patch will be open Friday, October 9th - Friday October 30th.


Please sign up below to volunteer for a 2-hour shift.  The patch hours are from 2-6pm on weekdays and 10-6pm on weekends.  When you sign up, please indicate which team we should credit for your volunteer hours.  The team with the most hours will receive a bonus to be used towards whatever they'd like during their season!


Please see the link here: Pumpkin Patch 2020


Thank you for your support!


- Athletic Boosters
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Subject: LAHS Athletic Boosters Christmas Tree Lot Fundraiser
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Subject: Athlete Parent Webinar
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