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Athletic Boosters Golf Tournament Survey

Sent: Sun Jan 24, 2021 • 3:07 PM PST
From: Athletic Boosters
Athletic Boosters Golf Tournament Survey


Hello Athletic Booster Members & Parents of LAHS Athletes-

By now I'm sure you have heard of the new proposed sport season schedule. If shelter in place is lifted, girls tennis & golf as well as swimming/diving and cross country may begin as soon as February 1.

If you have an athlete interested in these sports, but have not heard from the coach, please reach out directly to coaches. All athletes need to be cleared to participate in advance of this date. There is further information available on the school website:

Meanwhile, your Athletic Booster team is continuing to support gym upgrades and provide equipment as needed for our sport cohorts. We look forward to our athletes returning to interscholastic play.

Some details on what our funds have supported recently:

** The gym has been updated with new banners and upgraded graphics
** Pixellot cameras have been installed for viewing games from home and for game recording in the gym and on the football/soccer field. More details on these to come.

** Fulfilling teams' annual requests for sporting equipment 

** New uniforms following our 4-year annual rotation 

** The new small gym construction is underway and we anticipate there could be further big-ticket item requests to outfit this facility. Hence the need for fundraising to continue...

Our Athletic Booster team is considering holding one more fundraiser this year -
a golf tournament in the spring once we are no longer in the "purple tier".

Please take a minute to complete this very short survey (less than one minute) and once again, we THANK YOU very much for supporting LAHS Athletics.
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Subject: Re: Athletic Boosters Golf Tournament Survey
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