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Fwd: Fw: Sports Update
Sports Updates...

Eagle Family,


Here are some updates regarding sports for Santa Clara Valley Athletic League as of February 24th.


The League is continuing with the three seasons of sport schedule. This was voted on and approved by the Board of Managers for SCVAL. The intention is to allow the opportunity for as many athletes to participate in sports as possible. As of February 1st we began our Purple Tier Season 1 sports which includes Girls Golf, Cross Country, Girls Tennis and Swimming & Diving. So far Cross Country has had its first meet of the season, Girls Tennis and Girls Golf have had a few matches and Swimming & Diving are anticipating to compete.


Due to COVID, the situation is quickly changing and we are having to adapt just as quickly. We will continue to put the safety of our student athletes and coaches first and will continue to follow all guidelines set by the State, County and District. 

Season 2 begins

Earlier this week Santa Clara County Public Health announced that they are adjusting restrictions for outdoor activities such as youth sports. This clears the way for our season 2 outdoor sports to begin: Field Hockey, Football and Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer. Here is a link to the SCVAL Seasons of Sport for reference. Season 2 sports currently include - Field Hockey, Football, Badminton, Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer, and Girls’ Volleyball.


Football- February 26th is the new adjusted official practice- contact Dave DeGeronimo if your interested: coachdeGeronimo@xxxxxxxxx


Field Hockey- February 26th is the new adjusted official practice- Contact Mary Donahue if you are interested:losaltosfh13@xxxxxxxxx


Girls Volleyball- Currently tbd, and will possibly be moved to Season 3. Hoping for an update after the March 4th Board of Managers Meeting. Here is the Head Coaches contact to be placed on their contact list for updates: Peter Kim- revmoon157@xxxxxxxxx


Badminton- Currently tbd, and will possibly be moved to Season 3. Hoping for an update after the March 4th Board of Managers Meeting.  Here is Coaches contact to be placed on the contact list: Michelle Nieda- michelle.nieda (at) MVLA


Boys Soccer & Girls Soccer we are in transition of staffing we are looking at March 3rd start date.  Zoom meeting will be held on Monday March 1st to review some details. Time: Mar 1, 2021 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)


Join Zoom Meeting

We ask for flexibility of time during this period as space is limited at Los Altos High School. Some season 3 conditioning sessions will be adjusted for Season 2 sports. 

Many sports are adjusting and not having as many cuts provided they can safely conduct practices and games with the number of student athletes that attend. Currently, if a student athlete is participating in a season 1 sport, at this time they must wait for that sport to end and can then join a season 2 sport. We ask them to contact the next season of sport Coach before attending. The student athlete must be cleared on which includes a current physical, health insurance and upload of the confirmation letter. There may be further forms or waivers that will need to be completed, and we will share these once they are finalized. This will include “Informed Consent” where each parent/guardian will sign indicating their understanding and acknowledgement of the risks of outdoor high and moderate contact sports such as Football. Also, the County still only allows a student to participate in 1 extracurricular which means currently athletes cannot compete in both High School and Club sports. We will notify our Coaches if this changes.  

Spectators at events/People on campus

At this time, our league has asked that no spectators attend these competitions. We understand how frustrating this might be, but we thank you for your cooperation. This aligns with both State and County guidelines that indicate spectators can only come if it is age appropriate for safety reasons. 

We are not sure, moving forward, if we will be able to have any spectators at our Season 2 events. Please do not attend practices and wait for further information regarding spectators. We will notify our Coaches as the County lifts restrictions.

We are excited to see our athletes out there competing. A few reminders as we move forward:

-       Masks must be worn at all times

-       Social Distancing of 6ft for non-competing/in season athletes. Example all season 3 athletes must remain 6ft a part during sessions.

-       Wash your hands

-       Bring your own water bottle to practices. No SHARING.

-       As always be safe


Michelle Noeth
Athletic Director CAA | Los Altos High School
michelle.noeth (at) MVLA  | 650-960-8811 x 2023

Twitter- @losaltosath  |   Instagram- @losaltosathletics
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Thank you.
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