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11. Freestyle Academy 2019-2020 Online Galleries
  • Fri, 26-Jun-2020, From: Florendo, Leo
10. Yearbook Pick Up Today only for grades 9-10-11
  • Wed, 17-Jun-2020, From: Michelle Bissonnette
9. Time is running out! YEARBOOK UPDATES
  • Thu, 14-May-2020, From: Michelle Bissonnette
8. Fwd: YEARBOOK SENIOR STICKIES and a FLASH SALE starting May 13th!
  • Fri, 08-May-2020, From: Michelle Bissonnette
7. Freestyle - another incredible option for you next year
  • Wed, 05-Feb-2020, From: Florendo, Leo
6. Feb 14 - Freestyle Academy Exhibition
  • Sun, 26-Jan-2020, From: Florendo, Leo
5. Freestyle Academy Application Deadline Feb 14
  • Sun, 12-Jan-2020, From: Florendo, Leo
  • Thu, 21-Nov-2019, From: Chris Cummins
3. Freestyle Academy Open House Oct 31
  • Thu, 17-Oct-2019, From: Florendo, Leo
2. LAHS Counseling Connection: September, 2019
  • Thu, 05-Sep-2019, From: Counseling, LAHS
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