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Freestyle Academy application information

Sent: Mon Jan 11, 2021 • 1:24 PM PST
From: Florendo, Leo
Freestyle Academy application information
Reaching for something different?
Surreal Art by EmilyM

Freestyle Academy is looking for current Junior and Sophomore students who are interested in using technology and art to express themselves to and about the world through productions such as films, websites, animations, photographic art, illustrated art, books, magazines, t-shirt art, posters, poetry, music and other mediums. 

No experience is necessary to be successful at Freestyle Academy, but if you are passionate and want to develop or discover your communication skills through various mediums, here's more information for you:
Thank you,
Freestyle Academy Staff

Freestyle Academy is part of the MVLA Union High School District – see Students at LAHS and MVHS are also students at Freestyle Academy. This message is sent to student/parent elists provided by the district to celebrate their accomplishments just like any other program within the district. Freestyle Academy is NOT an external school spamming these elists.

The elist manager approves all messages, including messages from Freestyle Academy, prior to being sent out.
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