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LAHS Counseling Connection: January, 2021

Sent: Tue Jan 19, 2021 • 8:58 AM PST
From: Counseling, LAHS
LAHS Counseling Connection: January, 2021

The latest updates from the 
LAHS School Counseling team 
Happy New Year!
Welcome, 2021!  We are thrilled to begin a new year filled with hope and possibilities.  Although the first weeks have been tumultuous with world events, we look forward to brighter days ahead in 2021 and are excited about supporting our LAHS student community.
10th Grade Parent Night
LAHS 10th Grade Parent Night
Tuesday, January 19th
6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

As part of our new MVLA Counseling program enhancements, parents of LAHS 10th graders are invited to learn about how to best support their students in the sophomore year, including:  overall student success, resources for support, course selection, graduation status, college eligibility, beginning the college and career exploration process, and more.  We will also discuss the new 10th grade small group workshops, as well College & Career Center offerings open to sophomores.  Panelists include:  Dafna Adler (LAHS School Counselor), Laura Duran (LAHS College & Career Center Coordinator), Jacob Larin (LAHS School Counselor), Angela Price (LAHS College Advisor), and Ariel Rojas (LAHS School Counselor).  This webinar will be recorded and posted to the LAHS Counseling website following the event for those unable to attend the live session.
Course Selection for 2021-2022
This is the time of year that students request their courses for the upcoming school year.  Course Selection Week will take place on January 25 -29.  This week will include a variety of opportunities for students to learn about courses offered and to connect with teachers and counselors about course options and pathways.  Students will select their courses online through their Aeries/SIS accounts.  The course selection window for currently attending LAHS students is January 25 -February 12.  Counselors will be offering additional drop-in times for current students throughout the course selection window.  There is also helpful information for students to access in the Course Selection section of the Counseling website.

In preparation for the course selection process, the counseling department has prepared two videos for students.  The first video was viewed by students on Wednesday, January 13. This Balance and Time Management Video highlights some of the ways our LAHS students maintain a healthy balance in their lives and manage their time.  We also introduced our Time Management Worksheet.

The second video will be viewed by students during Course Selection Week.  This Counseling Course Selection Video includes advice from counselors and administration and also provides instructions for making course requests for the upcoming school year.
9th Grade Individual Appointments
Counselors will soon begin holding individual, 9th grade appointments.  These appointments take place from January 25-April 2 and will be held over Zoom.  At these appointments, we will discuss students' transitions to high school (academically and socially), and begin developing their 4-year plans, which serve as tools to ensure that students are on track to meet their graduation requirements as well as college entrance requirements.  Parents are invited to attend these appointments, although parent attendance is not required.  Our counseling secretary, Mayté Vallado, will email parents and students their appointment time, along with the appointment Zoom link.  
11th Grade College Advising Appointments
Angela Price, our College Advisor, will begin to meet with 11th graders for individual, college advising appointments in February, and this will continue throughout the semester.  Students will be contacted by email with instructions on how to request their appointment.  Parents are welcome to attend these appointments with their student.  Appointments will be held over Zoom. Additional information will be posted HERE.
College Application Assistance
Several colleges and universities have extended their application deadlines for next fall's incoming class, and consequently some of our seniors are currently in the process of completing and submitting applications.  Our College and Career Center continues to support students in all phases of the application process.  Students who would like additional help with their college applications (or any other part of the process) can attend drop-in hours.  Details are available on the College & Career Center events calendar.
LAHS Distance Learning Student Office Hours

A reminder that LAHS school counselors are available to meet with students during our lunchtime office hours.  This is a great way for students to connect with us as close to in-person as possible during distance learning.  Students can drop in without an appointment during office hours.  We will also offer additional student office hours during the course selection window.  Details can be found HERE.  

MVLA Parent Speakers Series
Through enriching presentations from local and national experts on topics of interest to parents, faculty and staff, the MVLA Parent Education Speaker Series seeks to contribute to the academic, physical, and emotional health of our students. All events are free of charge and are for parents, faculty and staff in Los Altos and Mountain View public schools.

A full list of upcoming events and registration information can be found HERE
Mental Health & Wellness Resources
As world events continue to unfold and the pandemic persists, we want you to know that LAHS school counselors remain available to support students.  Additionally, if students have questions about how to connect to mental health support, their school counselor is also available to assist.  Students and families can also access our LAHS mental health and wellness resources.
LAHS Tutorial Center


As students kick off a new semester full of possibilities, a reminder that the LAHS Tutorial Center is available to assist students with academic support!  Visit the Tutorial Center website for more information.
Dafna Adler l Ryan Carter l Jacob Larin l Jeamice Parker l
Deanna Mistele-Ali l Ariel Rojas l Tamesha Wise

College & Career Center
Laura Duran l Angela Price

Counseling Secretary
Mayte Vallado

Bilingual Liaison
Maria Hoerni

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