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LAHS Counseling Connection: September, 2021

Sent: Mon Aug 30, 2021 • 9:15 AM PDT
From: Counseling, LAHS
LAHS Counseling Connection: September, 2021

The latest updates from the 
LAHS School Counseling team 
Welcome Back!

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!  The LAHS School Counseling team is back in action.  We have been busy working with new students and families at orientations, helping ensure that all students are in the correct classes, and preparing for our fall grade level appointments, as well as upcoming workshops and student community-building events.  We are excited and hopeful about the year ahead and have been adapting to new changes brought on by the pandemic and the second phase of campus construction.
Back-to-School Night
School Counseling Introduction

If you were unable to attend the LAHS Virtual Back-to-School Night, check out our short school counseling welcome introduction HERE.
We've Moved!

During this next phase of campus construction, the school counseling offices and the College & Career Center (P-15) have temporarily moved to the portables on the west side of campus.  Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are only able to see students on campus at this time.  Our office/portable numbers (for students), as well as our contact information (for parents and students) can be found HERE.
Student Office Hours

A reminder that LAHS school counselors are available to meet with current LAHS students during our brunch and lunchtime office hours.  This is a great way for students to connect with us in-person.  Students can drop in without an appointment during office hours.  Details can be found HERE.  

Mental Health & Wellness
As world events continue to unfold and the pandemic persists, we want you to know that LAHS school counselors remain available to support students.  Additionally, if students have questions about how to connect to mental health support, their school counselor is also available to assist.  Students and families can also access our LAHS mental health and wellness resources.

The Counseling and College & Career Center websites continue to be the main hubs of information for our programs, events, and news.  They are continually updated throughout the year.  We encourage students and parents to explore the sites often! 
LAHS School Counseling Website
LAHS College & Career Center Website
Presentations & Workshops
The LAHS Counseling and College & Career Center team has had an active first few weeks, which have included multiple webinars, workshops, and instructional videos for students and parents.  

If you would like to access some of the presentations that have already taken place this fall, you can find them HERE and HERE.

There are more presentations and workshops being added.  These will be posted to our events calendars
Events Calendars
We have many upcoming events for students and parents throughout the school year.  We encourage students and parents to regularly visit our Counseling and College & Career Center Calendars of Events for a complete listing, as well as event information and registration details.  

Some of our upcoming events include:
8/30/21:  Individual Senior School Counseling Appointments Begin
9/1/21:    Individual Senior College Advising Appointments Begin
9/2/21:    Senior Parent Night  REGISTER
9/23/21:  UC/CSU Info. Night  REGISTER
9/30/21:  Financial Aid Night
10/4/21:  International University Month Kick-Off
10/7/21:  Cash for College Workshop (Seniors/Senior Parents)
10/7/21:  11th Grade Parent Night
Senior Parent Night Webinar

Thursday, September 2
6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Parents of current LAHS seniors are invited to join the LAHS Counseling Department and College/Career Center for Senior Parent Night.  This evening's webinar topics include: counseling during 12th grade, an overview of college options/deadlines/applications/financial aid, counselor letters of recommendation, upcoming college planning events, and resources.  Panelists include:  Dafna Adler (LAHS School Counselor), Laura Duran (LAHS College & Career Center Coordinator),  Angela Price (LAHS College Advisor), and Ariel Rojas (LAHS School Counselor).

We will post a recording of the event and slide deck online following the event.


Senior Appointments

Individual, 12th Grade School Counseling Appointments begin this week and run through October.  These appointments will be held in-person with students.  Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are unable to welcome parents to our campus, however, parents are invited (but not required) to attend the appointment via Zoom or by phone.  Invitations will be sent to all 12th grade students and parents prior to the appointments.  

Individual, 12th Grade College Advising Appointments are also available this fall with Angela Price, our college advisor.  If students wish to sign up for one of these appointments, they can do so HERE.

College Letters of Recommendation

The Counselor College Letter of Recommendation Packet and supporting materials are now available on the Counseling Website for current seniors who are applying to colleges that require a counselor letter of recommendation.
Counselor letters are typically required for private colleges and some public out of state colleges. UC and CSU do not accept letters of recommendation. Seniors should check college admissions requirements to confirm whether or not they will need a Counselor letter of recommendation.  Students can contact their counselor for more information.

Teacher College Letters of Recommendation are completely separate from counselor letters of recommendation.  If seniors have questions about this process, they can get help from the College & Career Center or from their counselor.  This information was also covered in our Letter of Recommendation Workshop.

LAHS Tutorial Center

The LAHS Tutorial Center is available to assist students with academic support!  Visit the Tutorial Center website for more information.
MVLA Parent Speakers Series

Through enriching presentations from local and national experts on topics of interest to parents, faculty and staff, the MVLA Parent Education Speaker Series seeks to contribute to the academic, physical, and emotional health of our students. All events are free of charge and are for parents, faculty and staff in Los Altos and Mountain View public schools.

A full list of upcoming events and registration information can be found HERE.
Dafna Adler l Ryan Carter l Jacob Larin l Jeamice Parker l
Deanna Mistele-Ali l Ariel Rojas l Tamesha Wise

College & Career Center
Laura Duran l Angela Price

Counseling Secretary
Mayte Vallado

Bilingual Liaison
Announced Soon

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