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Must Read: Senior Special Memo (from the College & Career Center)

Sent: Tue Apr 26, 2022 • 1:55 PM PDT
From: Duran, Laura
Must Read: Senior Special Memo (from the College & Career Center)

Seniors, congratulations on all that you have accomplished! 

A few critical deadlines are on the near horizon (looking at you, Sunday, May 1). Please review the information listed below that pertains to you.

ALL SENIORS will need to complete specific tasks for Senior Clearance (more details on this forthcoming from admin). Below are the action items for the College & Career Center. I can sign off on your clearance form in advance. Skip my line when you complete the following steps, saving you 30+ minutes of waiting in late May.

1) In Naviance, Complete two surveys found in the "About Me" section (upper right corner) -> "Surveys From You School" -> LAHS Class of 2022 Survey and Graduation Survey (this survey will auto-populate info if you follow the steps listed below)

*If you will not be attending college next fall, you are done! Please send me an email so I can sign your form.

Additional Steps for College-Bound Seniors:

1) Make sure your college list is accurate and complete

  • In Naviance go to "Colleges"-> "Colleges I'm Applying to" Add schools where you appliedVideo Tutorial
  • Need to remove schools on your list because you didn't apply --> email Ms. Duran, who will remove them.

2) Update the results for each school on your list

  • On the "Colleges I'm Applying to" list, find the "EDIT" header and click on the pencil iconSelect the result for that school, i.e., accept, deny in the pop-up window, click "waitlist" etc.

3) Select the school you will be attending from the dropdown list at the bottom of your college list. This step is how we know where to send a final transcript. If you later change schools (i.e., you moved off a waitlist), you need to notify Ms. Duran and Ms. Baqero

If you have completed the action items- send me an email so that I can pre-sign your clearance form.

Additional Information:

  • If you plan to attend a 4-year college next year, you need to complete a Statement of Intent to Register (SIR)/complete opt-in steps outlined by the school by May 1 (this Sunday)
  • For many schools, housing is limited, and there are strict deadlines. You must read your emails closely, check the portal, and follow all instructions.
  • If you do not have the money for a deposit, you should immediately contact the school of your choice to ask for a fee waiver. You aren't the first student in this situation- check if you qualify- no harm in asking!
  • Schools often give a narrow response window for accepting a spot from the waitlist. If you accept a waitlist offer, let the original school know you will not be attending (through the portal or by email or calling the school) and expect to lose your depositDeposit at the new school and contact Ms. Duran and Ms. Baquero with the update so we can send the final transcript to the correct office. Repeat this process as applicable. 

Community College

  • Regardless of family income, students graduating from LAHS can attend community college for 2-years FREE. You must complete either the FAFSA or the CA Dream Act Application to qualify. Foothill Promise Scholarship and DeAnza Promise ScholarshipThis scholarship also applies to other community colleges in the state of California.
  • Community college applications are open! We encourage students to apply now for priority enrollment and access to opportunities, including EOPS, offered at several campuses. 
  • Community colleges offer several pathways, including certificate programs, apprenticeship programs, Associate's degrees, and transferring to earn a Bachelor's Degree. 
  • If you've applied to Foothill College, come to P-15 on Wed., April 27 at 3 PM for new student orientation (this clears you for early course selection).
  • Apply to DeAnza and the register for Enrollment Day this Sat., April 30, from 9 AM-1 PM

Gap Year, Miliary, Workforce, Other plans

  • Please articulate your plan in the Naviance graduation survey.
  • The Talon is interested in hearing from you for an article in the Senior Magazine. Please get in touch with 100023585 (at) MVLA to share your story.

Come to P-15 if you aren't sure what is next after graduation, and we can explore various options! If you have questions or need help with any of the above steps, please come by P-15 or email Ms. Duran or Ms. Price

Finish strong! 


The College Counseling Team


Ms. Laura Duran (she/her/hers)

College & Career Coordinator | Los Altos HS


Email: laura.duran (at) MVLA

Phone: (650) 960-8811 ex.2128

CEEB: 051510

201 Almond Avenue | Los Altos, CA 94022


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