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Field Hockey Celebration change

Sent: Fri Apr 30, 2021 • 7:29 PM PDT
From: Stephanie Deck via hockey
Field Hockey Celebration change

Dear Parents,

We have been told by the city that we cannot use Shoup Park next saturday May 8th, or any other public park or space in Los Altos as they've decided to push reservations back until August.

As you know, we particularly want the parents of seniors to be there so the venue will now be at my home in our garden. To ensure we adhere to California's social distancing and private gathering guidelines we unfortunately have to limit invited family members to the following:
  • Varsity seniors: 2 parents
  • Varsity non seniors: 1 parent
  • Junior Varsity: players only
Alternatively if any JV parent would like to host the team on a different date I would provide everything you need for the day.

On the last tab in our spreadsheet is ‘2021 Celebration RSVP’ (link attached), these are all the RSVP's I have received. Please add to or amend it accordingly with new limits in mind as it's important that we have accurate numbers of who to expect. I am really running out of time so if you could do this asap I'd appreciate it. Thanks for your patience.

Stephanie Deck

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