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LA FH: FLy FH starting a new block of training tomorrow

Sent: Sat May 1, 2021 • 10:33 AM PDT
From: Mary Donahue
LA FH: FLy FH starting a new block of training tomorrow
HI LA FH families-

My apologies for going a bit dark on the communications this week. I've just had quite a lot going on and as a result, I managed not to send out any info on upcoming San Jose Fly club training. If your kids are missing hockey, here's a way to keep playing a bit right now. We will be setting up some LA FH summer training (we usually train in the summer 2-3 times a week - both fitness and field hockey). But that is still in the planning stages as we wait for Season 3 sports to finish.

We do have quite a few LAHS players joining our upcoming May Fly sessions - about a dozen 9th & 10th graders, some older players and a batch of incoming 8th graders! If you have not signed up and are interested, I"m happy to add you to our May roster. 
** To sign up for the May training, you need to contact me today - as it starts tomorrow!**
 (I'm sorry again for being so late sending this out!!)

For the summer clinic, I'm not quite as miserably late. You can sign up through the Fly website (see details below).

MORE INFO on upcoming Fly training:

May training block (4 sessions):
  • The May block of 4 Sundays starts tomorrow morning. Registration is technically closed, but if you want to join, I'm happy to add you in.
  • Our high school group will be practicing from 9-11am at LAHS. 
  • I will be coaching the u16s (9th and 10th graders) algon with several other coaches (including a special visit coaching appearance by Coach Beth also tomorrow!) Coach Maggie is coaching our GKs. Coach Jote leads our u19s (11th and 12th graders).
  • If you'd like to participate in the May training block, please text or email me today and I'll have you fill out the online registration form and add you to the list. 

Summer clinic (10 sessions):
We are also running a summer training set for 5 weeks - twice a week (probably on Wed nights and Sunday mornings). That training block starts the week of June 7thand runs into the 2nd week of July.

Below is the email that went out to the club w/details on both training blocks.

Again, my apologies for the tardiness of this communication. 

Any questions, just let me know.

Go Eagles!
Coach Mary

Mary Donahue
Head Coach, Los Altos HS Field Hockey
Program Director, SJ Fly Field Hockey Club

Fly: 2021 Training Block #3 (May) Details
April 26, 2021

Hi Everyone-

Spring Training Block #3 - SIGN-UPS are closed!
Well, we had lots and lots of responses for training block #3 and it's full! So, registration for that training is now closed. If you were not able to sign-up, registration for the summer clinics are open.
Spring Training Block #3 - Details
Dates: 4 Sundays, May 2 through May 23, 2021
This 4-week set of sessions will start May 2nd. Training sessions will again run just once a week -  Sunday mornings only. We are trying to arrange a mini-tournament day against some other local clubs on the last Sunday, May 23rd. 

Location: Los Altos High School   
Turf field in the football stadium
201 Almond Ave | Los Altos, CA 94022

Coaches & Times: Sunday mornings 
Each practice session will be a 2-hour block. 

Goalies - Coach Maggie
9:00am - 11:00am
Each session, GKs will spend part-time with Coach Maggie, part time playing w/field players

Grades 11 & 12 - Coach Jote
9:00am - 11:00am

Grades 9 & 10 - Coach Anthony, Coach Mary, Coach Taylor, Coach Bridget & Coach Kylie
9:00am - 11:00am


Grade 8- Coach Jote 
11:00am - 1:00pm

Grades 3-7 - Coach Colleen, Coach Taylor, Coach Bri, Coach Nat & Coach Elana
11:00am - 1:00pm


5) Fees: $180     Payment due BEFORE session 1
We are sorry it's so expensive right now. The price is higher than normal for spring training because we can place only a few players with each coach and can only have a few small groups on the field at the same time.

You can pay in cash, by check (made out so "San Jose Fly Field Hockey Club" or online via PayPal. The PayPal link is located on the Registration Confirmation page:

5) Player health contract is required for participation
All players must turn in a health agreement - signed by both player and parent at the first practice. This contract outlines the basic health and safety rules and some COVID-related details.

If you have turned in this health contract for a prior training block, you DO NOT need to fill out a new one.


2021 Summer Clinic- SIGN-UPS ARE OPEN!
The 2021 Fly Summer Fly Clinic training is set run for 5 weeks, 2 days per week for a total of 10 sessions. The curriculum and player groups are designed to accommodate a variety of skill levels – whether a player is trying the sport for the first time, or honing their skills for high school or college play.

The clinics are open to any and all hockey players ages 7 to 19 – boys or girls.
Participants do NOT have to be members of Fly FHC.

For complete information,
 visit the Fly website:
Registration form for 2021 Summer Clinic:

Basic Info
Dates: Summer sessions will start the week of June 7th and run through early July. 
We will hold 2 sessions each week.
We are still working on securing field rentals. Days and times will be posted here when they are final.

Times: We are shooting for a start time between 5:00 or 6:00pm.
The exact times will be dependent on field rentals.

Location: likely Los Altos HS
We are still working on securing the field rentals for summer.

Price: The cost for the 10 sessions is $450 per player
The registration fee is due in full before or at first session. Payment details are available on the registration confirmation page. This fee includes 20 hours of training, plus a summer clinic t-shirt and hockey ball.

If you have any questions, ever, just email us. We will respond asap.


Coach Mary & Coach Anthony

Mary Donahue
SJ Fly Program Director  |  mary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   |  408-718-9287   
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