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LA FH: initial information on start of fall season/tryouts

Sent: Mon Jul 26, 2021 • 7:02 PM PDT
From: Mary Donahue
LA FH: initial information on start of fall season/tryouts
Hi LAHS Field Hockey players and families!

Your LAHS Field Hockey Coaching Team - Coach Beth, Coach Maggie and I - would like to welcome you all to the 2021 Fall Field Hockey season!

This email outlines some basic information on field hockey team practices and tryouts - which will begin Friday afternoon, August 6th.

Preliminary Dates:
Some important preliminary dates to add to your calendar:
  • Now through Aug 5th - No Contact period for LAHS coaches and athletes. (We can email out info, but not meet with athletes to practice or condition.)
  • Saturday, July 31st, 9am - 12pm: LAHS Athlete Physicals  at PT Works, Los Altos
  • Thursday, Aug 5th 6-7pm: Athletic Information Night (in the large gym), Meet the Coaches to follow 7-?pm
  • Friday, August 6th, 4-6:45pm: 1st day of field hockey tryouts/fall practices
  • Saturday Aug 7th, 8-10am AND 1-3pm: Double Day practices

Conditioning Plan for the next 2 weeks:
The next 2 weeks (until Aug 6th) are a non-contact period for LAHS coaches and athletes. Please use the conditioning plan linked below to stay on track with your fitness during this time. 

The plan is a mix of running/cardio and plyos to concentrate on lower body strength, ab/core strength and some upper body work. . Seniors will also be leading some group activities and have a group chat to help coordinate group workouts. If you want to join in on any of those, please contact Taylor Athens at (650) 248-1479

Even if you are away, on a trip, working, etc, ALL PLAYERS (esp those players interested in trying out for varsity) should be working out 3-4 times a week.  This means getting your heart rate up for a minimum of 20-25 minutes AND working on muscle strength and endurance. 



Athletic Clearance REQUIRED!
You MUST be fully cleared through our online Home Campus Clearance system and approved by Ms. Noeth before you can participate in any practices. 

Athletic Clearance includes having a valid physical in place. Unfortunately, due to the lack of being able to secure volunteers LAHS HAS CANCELED PHYSICALS  at PT Works on Saturday 7/31. 

So, please  get your physical done/paperwork signed off by another doctor, your own pediatrician or a place that offers walk-in sports physicals, like CVS. 

Team Tryouts (both JV & Varsity) - start Friday August 6th!
August 6th, is the beginning of our official fall season. Starting on that date, we practice every weekday and some Saturdays. ALL practices are mandatory for ALL players. If you have a conflict, you need to email me and/or Coach Maggie or Coach Beth and tell us what your scheduling issues are in advance.

We welcome any students to tryouts - whether you have field hockey experience or not. :) We often have brand new players try out who have never played hockey before. Our emphasis for selection to our JV team is enthusiasm, work ethic, attitude, baseline fitness and  coachability. Players who try out for varsity must be fit and have hockey experience.

On Day 1, players will be sorted into tryout groups. We will select our Varsity team first (likely by 8/13) and then continue the  JV tryout and selection process the following week. We hope to complete all tryouts and announce both team rosters no later than Wednesday, 8/18. 

IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED VARSITY FH AT LAHS AND YOU WOULD LIKE TO TRYOUT FOR VARSITY, please email me prior to Day 1 so I can add you to the tryout list. I will assume all varsity players from spring 2021 are returning and playing, unless you email me with other information.

Once we complete tryouts we will have a mandatory parent meeting to answer any questions, give all families a bunch of information and generally fill you in on more details regarding the FH program. Meeting date - TBD.

Tryouts/Practice Schedule:
The field hockey team practices and plays all games on the turf field in the stadium. For this season, we will be sharing the turf field with Football and Band. (They are putting in a new turf field on the back field, but it will not be completed until after our season is over this fall.)

Since we are sharing the field, we do not have the same practice time every day. Please look closely at the schedule each day.
  • On weekdays, BOTH teams/All Players will practice in the afternoon or evenings (no more morning workouts).
  • Saturday practices: Both teams - varsity & JV (All players) will practice on Saturday mornings during the pre-season. Varsity practices on Saturday mornings all season.
  • We will have a double day on Sat Aug 7th, and possibly another on Aug 14th. This means 1 practice inthe morning 8-10am, and another later in the same afternoon 1-3pm.
Here is our normal weekly schedule:
  • Mon: practice is 4-6:45pm (4-6pm FH on the turf, 6-6:45pm FH in the Fitness Center)
  • Tues: practice is 6-8pm FH on the turf (unless FH home game: 10/5, 10/12, 10/26) 
  • Wed: practice is 4-6:45pm (4-6pm FH on the turf, 6-6:45pm FH in the Fitness Center) 
  • Thurs: practice is 6-8pm FH on the turf (unless FH home game: 9/23, 9/30, 10/14)
  • Fri: alternate afternoons each week w/football 4-6pm or 6-8pm
  • Sat: practice is 8-10am. For the first several weeks, this includes both teams. After Labor Day weekend, that will switch to JUST VARSITY.
Here is some pre-season special schedules:
  • Fri, 8/6: practice will run 4-6:30pm - on the turf
  • Sat, 8/7: DOUBLE DAY practice: 8-10am AND 1-3pm - on the turf
  • Fri, 8/13: practice will run 6-8pm - on the turf
  • Sat, 8/14: practice: 8-10am, possible 2nd practice 1-3pm - on the turf - still TBD
I will be posting an online Google doc with all details of the schedule. I will try and get that up this week and will send out the link for that.


Practice Expectations:
We start on time! Please be at the field a few minutes early so that you're ready to warm up right away.

We expect all players to attend every practice, unless you have an excused absence. Field Hockey is a class on your schedule for which you will receive a grade on your report card. Attendance at all practices and games is mandatory for all players as part of that grade.

We have 3 coaches who share coaching duties for all players:
  • Coach Mary (me) - Head Coach - primarily varsity coach
  • Coach Beth - this year will be primarily varsity coach
  • Coach Maggie - Head JV and Goalie coach
We all share coaching duties and responsibilities for all players. We expect all players to treat all 3 coaches with respect - no matter what the activity.

COVID-19 Adjustments:
The latest COVID-related guidelines we have from our Athletic Director are as follows:
  • Players do not need to wear masks while playing or working at a high rate.. Players are required to wear masks onto campus and to wear them when resting/talking/warming up, etc.
  • Coaches are still wearing masks at all times when on campus.
  • We will continue to disinfect equipment after practices.
  • We will adjust any food-related activities (like pasta feeds) to accomodate more safe health practices.
  • No information on transportation for this season yet. We will update you on this topic later in August.
Every session you must bring:
  • moldable mouth guard
  • hand sanitizer
  • running shoes
  • face mask
  • water (bring two full bottles! there will not be any where to refill at the field)
  • shinguards (soccer shinguards are fine for now)
  • field hockey stick
  • reversible pinnie
*  If you don't own these items, the program can lend them to you. You will check them out and be responsible for them, just as you would a team uniform or backpack. We will check in with players at the start of our first practice to see who needs loaner gear.


Coach Contacts:
Please feel free to contact any of the 3 coaches if you have questions or concerns. We all share coaching both teams and are all happy to help.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday, August 6th.
FINALLY, back to a regular fall hockey season - YAY!!

Go Eagles!
Coach Mary

Mary Donahue
Head Coach, Los Altos HS Field Hockey
Program Director, SJ Fly Field Hockey Club
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