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Re: LA FH: follow-up from parent meeting, fees and transportation - action needed

Sent: Mon Aug 23, 2021 • 3:33 PM PDT
From: Maggie Drew
Re: LA FH: follow-up from parent meeting, fees and transportation - action needed
Hello everyone!

Just a quick note to let everyone know a slight change to our plans for home game days. Varsity players with a 7th period will be able to stay in their class until 2:45. Unfortunately this means that varsity players without a 7th period will be responsible for setting up the field every home game. Again this change in release time only applies to home games, and only for varsity players with a 7th period. (JV players do not need to leave class early for home games)

We’ll talk about this more with the players at practice today.

Coach Maggie

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On Aug 23, 2021, at 11:41 AM, Mary Donahue <losaltosfh13@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

HI All-

First, let me thank all who joined the family meeting last Thursday night. WE appreciate that everyone is busy and it was a long day. Please see each of hte items below. I mentioned them in the 

Hopefully the Zoom meeting was not too compressed of a timeframe to review things. The team Google doc does have most, if not all, of the info we covered. Please check it often, as the coaches will be updating it often with useful and timely info. 

For example, the entire season calendar w/practice times, game info, dismissal times, bus times, etc is now in. 
I will update the "UPCOMING EVENTS" section (right above the calendar) with details on each event as it draws near.

2) TRANSPORTATION (to games, scrimmages, etc):

We have our 1st away scrimmages this Tuesday and Wednesday. We have buses ordered for both of those dates.

Here is the information on this topic that I just added to the team doc...

Games & Transportation

  1. Transportation: The team will travel as a group at all times and follow the itinerary.

  2. All players will ride the bus to away games. A note or email from parent or guardian is necessary if a player does not plan to take LAHS transportation to the game site.

  3. Parents may be asked to drive home from away games. If parents drive anyone other than their own child, they must have an Approved Driver Form on file with the district. 

  4. If a player wishes to leave a team event with a parent or guardian, you must check out with your coach prior to departure. If you wish to depart with someone else’s parent or guardian, you must first provide written permission from your parents.

  5. Players are never allowed to drive themselves or any other player to away games.

  6. On home game days, every athlete is expected to help either set up and clean up afterwards.

  7. Each player must wear a mouth guard, and shinguards to every game and practice. Mouthguards cannot be white or clear.

  8. No jewelry is allowed during games, including newly pierced ears. Taping them is not an option – you must remove them.

  9. Playing time:  We know this can be a difficult issue for coaches, players, and their parents. One of our coaches’ goals is to get as many players into a contest as possible. However, we make no promises with regards to playing time – esp at the varsity level. Playing time in varsity contests will not be equal for all players. In JV games, we work hard to equalize playing in order to develop all players. All decisions on game playing time are at the discretion of each team’s coach.

Here's the topic I need your feedback on ASAP:
I am trying to figure out:
1) how many players will be riding the bus (both or one way) and
2) if we only have like 3 players accompanying me back to LAHS on the bus at the end of a gameday, can we get a ride in a different car with a parent and cancel the bus ride home?? (Bus trips cost like $600 per trip minimum!)

We are still assuming ALL players will ride the bus for all away contests. It ensures that players are arriving at the proper time, ready to go and it just decreases weird variables. PLUS - the players all going together does engender team spirit and solidarity, which we are always striving towards... However, we know there are real problems:
  1. We are in a bit of a weird situation w/COVID still lingering
  2. Our new bell schedule is pushing the end of the school day significantly later
  3. AND we have lots of families that attend games (yay!) and then take their players home by car.
But players must have a coach's formal OK to NOT ride with the team to away contests - whether it is for a single game or all games. And remember, a player can ONLY ride to an away contest with a parent or District-approved driver. And NO PLAYER CAN EVER DRIVE THEMSELVES OR ANOTHER PLAYER TO AN AWAY SCHOOL EVENT. ***

If you have an issue with your player riding the bus this season, please contact me or Coach Maggie directly via email or phone to have that conversation immediately. And part of that conversation is you telling us how that student is getting to the game - IOW, who is driving.

At this time, I would also like to know if you plan on attending most games and taking your player home with you (vs having them ride the bus).

We will keep a spreadsheet of this information to help us decide what type of buses we need to order for these games. and if maybe we can cancel the return bus for any away contests.

** If you DO NOT reach out to us by EOD Monday, we are assuming your player will be riding the bus, and therefor their fees are due NOW.**

*** If your player plans to ride the bus even just one time, your transportation fee is due NOW. ***

ALL fees are paid to the Finance Office located in the Library building, or via the web store. Players must show me or Coach Maggie a receipt - either printed or in an email - for each fee.


FH players (and all players on any LAHS team roster) must pay 2 fees...

  1. Transportation Fee: All players on both teams ride buses to/from away contests. These are expensive trips. To help defray these bus costs, a $100 transportation fee is due for each player at the start of each season. 
  2. ASB membership fee: All sports teams are actually ASB clubs. As a result, all players must belong to ASB and pay a $30 annual ASB fee. If you have already joined ASB for this year, you do not need to pay another membership fee.

Player Contract - Both player and parent/guardian read and sign this document. It outlines our coaches' expectations for each player and family. ALL contracts are due by Monday, 8/23. (Tuesday deadline if parents are currently out of town.)

4) PARENT PARTICIPATION - look for email coming soon:
Stephanie Deck, our varsity team parent, will be emailing the list shortly with lots of information for parents and families. Please read through and let us know if you have any questions.

Go Eagles!
Coach Mary

Mary Donahue
Head Coach, Los Altos HS Field Hockey
Program Director, SJ Fly Field Hockey Club
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Subject: Re: LA FH: follow-up from parent meeting, fees and transportation - action needed
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Subject: LA FH: follow-up from parent meeting, fees and transportation - action needed
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