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Reminder: PTSA Meeting tomorrow - Addition of Los Altos Police and Grief Support Presentations

Sent: Mon Apr 4, 2022 • 3:41 PM PDT
From: Michelle Sturiale
Reminder: PTSA Meeting tomorrow - Addition of Los Altos Police and Grief Support Presentations
Hi everyone,

Our next PTSA Meeting will be held tomorrow, April 5, 2022 at 7pm in person in the Eagle Theater, please note that the location has changed from the cafeteria.

The agenda is attached.  In addition to our previously noted agenda items, the PTSA will host three guests who will share information regarding how to navigate several challenging topics with adolescents. 

Communications released last week raised concerns about how to support and talk with our students about substance use.  Parents have raised questions and we are happy to have Detective Josh Cottrell and Sergeant Brian Jeffrey join us to provide information.  We know that there may also be questions about the grieving process.  Makenzie Gallego, the Student Support Specialist at  Los Altos High School, will talk about grief and how you can support your high school student through this process.

We hope to see you tomorrow night.

Jen Denebeim
PTSA President

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