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Reminder: MVLA Parent Ed (4/19) Creating a Foundation for a Healthy Relationship with Sexuality OR…Your Kids Are Watching Porn: Here’s How to Talk About It

Sent: Mon Apr 18, 2022 • 6:53 AM PDT
From: Michelle Sturiale
Reminder: MVLA Parent Ed (4/19) Creating a Foundation for a Healthy Relationship with Sexuality OR…Your Kids Are Watching Porn: Here’s How to Talk About It
Just a reminder...please note that this event will not be livestreamed or recorded.

Join us for an evening with Shafia Zaloom - author of Sex, Teens, and Everything in Between  
Creating a Foundation for a Healthy Relationship with Sexuality 

OR…Your Kids Are Watching Porn: Here’s How to Talk About It

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 - 7:00 - 9:00pm | LAHS Eagle Theater  201 Almond Avenue


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, adolescents are exposed to 14,000 references to sexuality per year.  Do those references communicate healthy sexuality that is safe, responsible, pleasurable and grounded in authentic connection? Or do they communicate negative gender roles and dynamics and emphasize performance sex?


If you're not talking to your kids about sex, you're the only one not talking to your kids about sex.  Join us for a conversation on how to approach these challenging and courageous  conversations. Learn how to discuss safe sexuality practices, the importance of consent, and the value of relationships grounded in authentic connection through the conscious practice of care and dignity


Shafia Zaloom, veteran sex educator and author of the newly released book, Sex, Teens, & Everything in Between, will guide us toward a deeper understanding of how to encourage our children to embrace a healthier, more joyful, and responsible understanding of sexuality.


Audience:  Parents, Teachers and Counselors of 6 - 12 Grades

Register:  Register for this free event (In-person at LAHS Eagle Theater)


About the Speaker

Shafia Zaloom is a health educator, parent, consultant and author whose work centers on human development, community building, ethics, and social justice. Her approach involves creating opportunities for students and teachers to discuss the complexities of teen culture and decision-making with straight-forward, open and honest dialogue. Shafia has worked with thousands of children and their families in her role as teacher, coach, administrator, board member, and outdoor educator. She has contributed articles to The New York TimesThe Washington Post, and numerous parenting blogs. Shafia’s book, Sex, Teens and Everything in Between has been reviewed as “the ultimate relationship guide for teens of all orientations and identities.” It is one that “every teen, and every parent and educator - and every other adult who interacts with teens - should read.” Shafia is currently the health teacher at the Urban School in San Francisco, and develops curricula for schools across the country. Her work has been featured by many media outlets including, The New York Times, USA Today, NPR, KQED, and PBS.  Her book Sex, Teens and Everything in Between can be found on Amazon.



Videos Available  


The MVLA Parent Education Speaker Series is sponsored by Los Altos Educational Foundation (LAEF), MVLA High School Foundation, Mountain View Educational Foundation (MVEF), and Los Altos-Mountain View PTA Council.

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