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Last week for Wholistic Teacher Award Nominations

Sent: Mon May 2, 2022 • 8:14 AM PDT
From: Michelle Sturiale
Last week for Wholistic Teacher Award Nominations
Just a friendly reminder that there is still time to submit your nominations!

Announcing the 2021-2022 Wholistic Teacher Award

We need your input once again!  For over 14 years, the LAHS Wholistic Teacher Award has honored teachers who not only challenged and motivated students in their classroom, but also showed interest in their students' activities and lives outside of class.  Three winners will each get school-wide recognition, a $400 check from the PTSA and their name inscribed on a plaque outside of the library.
To qualify, a teacher must be an instructor at Los Altos High School for at least two years (including the current school year).  In addition, in order to recognize the many great teachers we have at LAHS, the teacher must also not have won the Wholistic Teacher Award in the previous five (5) years.  The previous winners are:  
2016-2017:  Stephanie Downey and Michael Smith
2017-2018:  Susanna Herrara and Darren Dressen
2018-2019:  Dayana Swank, Kelly Coble, and Alex Marquand-Wiilse
2019-2020:  Scott Murray, Robert Barker, April Oliver, and Meghan Strazicich
2020-2021:  Tory Johnson, Babak Shahrivar, and Jacob Sproule

Please help us continue the tradition of awarding another fantastic LAHS teacher with the Wholistic Teacher Award by filling out this survey. Responses are due by May 9th, 2022.  

When submitting your nominations, please make sure the teacher has not won in the last 5 years!

Contact me directly if you have any questions, thank you!

Michelle Sturiale
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